Our story started June 12, 2008,

when we opened our studio as

Raul J. Garcia | Photography Architectural.


After 7 fast years of growth, we modified our direction to focus on building a new brand of collaborative works that allow us to explore and develop new areas of creativity, and still provide an unequaled level of quality in architectural imagery.


Astula is our brand and is the latin root word of Atelier, meaning workshop or studio, especially for an artist or designer.


Astula literally translates to plank or splinter of wood, and denotes Origination.



We're an established, award-winning photography studio, and workshop based in Denver, Colorado.

Our focus is on collaborative development of creative new ideas for imagery, products and art.

That, and we want to have a good time...



Raul J. Garcia

Founder, Photographer



Raul Garcia studied photography and painting at the California College of the Arts & Northern Arizona University. Originally a painter/printmaker, his obsession with the art of photography began in the darkroom, while watching his photographs take shape. A few years later, Garcia’s passion for architectural photography was born.


“For me photography is a vehicle, to explore and appreciate the relationships between light, elements of nature, and the human interaction with the built environment and the world. My clients are architects, and most become very special to me, because they give me opportunities to see.”

Joe Schafer

Partner, Video & Motion







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